Tether Chooses Kava for Cosmos: Unlock Liquidity & Stability

• Tether and Kava have partnered to bring USDT stablecoin to the Cosmos ecosystem.
• This integration will bring accessibility and financial stability to users and developers within the Cosmos network.
• Native USDT on Kava will simplify the process, offering an efficient mechanism for liquidity provision and transfer between the Cosmos and Ethereum ecosystems.

Tether Chooses Kava as Gateway for Cosmos USDt

Georgetown, Cayman Islands- June 23rd: Tether chooses Kava, a layer-1 blockchain designed for scalability and speed, as its gateway to the Cosmos ecosystem.

Kava Excited by Tether Decision

Kava is excited and honored by Tether’s decision to bring the world’s most liquid, secure, and transparent stablecoin USDt to Cosmos appchains and Kava EVM dApps.

Benefits of Native USDt on Kava

„Kava’s support of Tether’s USDt integration will help bring stability and unlock liquidity across Cosmos and EVM ecosystems. Native USDt issued on Kava will address the limited growth, low liquidity, and increased volatility of using the Cosmos ecosystem, and help ignite a robust DeFi economy, empowering appchains, EVM dApps, and their users with a secure and widely adopted canonical stablecoin,“ said Scott Stuart, Kava Co-Founder.

Bringing Accessibility & Stability

Tether’s decision to integrate USDt natively on Cosmos using Kava as a hub will bring accessibility & financial stability to users & developers within the cosmos ecosystem.

Increasing Liquidity & User Experience