Hoskinson Wants to Buy CoinDesk: Promises Journalistic Integrity

• Charles Hoskinson, the CEO of Input Output Global, is interested in buying CoinDesk, a crypto news website that is exploring a potential sale.
• Hoskinson wants to work towards “journalistic integrity” and find a way for a strong media outlet.
• He plans to review the financial data before making a decision.

Charles Hoskinson, the influential CEO of Input Output Global, has expressed interest in potentially acquiring CoinDesk, the leading crypto news website. CoinDesk is currently exploring a potential sale as its sister company has recently filed for bankruptcy.

This news was revealed by CoinDesk’s Kevin Worth in a recent livestream. Worth stated that the publication was receiving numerous indications of interest from potential buyers and that the process of exploring possible sale options was already underway.

In response to this news, Charles Hoskinson made a statement of his own in the same livestream. He said that his interest in the media market was “broad” and that he wanted to figure out how to get to “journalistic integrity again”. Hoskinson also highlighted the need for a strong media outlet, thereby hinting at his intention to acquire CoinDesk.

In addition to his statement, Hoskinson also revealed that he would be reviewing the financial data before making a decision on whether or not to proceed with the acquisition. He believes that this is an important step to ensure that the publication remains financially stable in the future.

Overall, although Charles Hoskinson has expressed interest in potentially acquiring CoinDesk, it remains to be seen if the deal will be successful. Should the acquisition be successful, it will be an important step towards achieving “journalistic integrity” and creating a strong media outlet in the crypto space.